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Entry #5

All Our COnnectionzz

2010-11-19 19:52:44 by BlueWaffelband

Our Group 'Casketafse' COnsists of these peepz: Damian Gould, Jamie Flynn, Shane Perry, Jonny Mabbitt, Joey Crossley and occasionally Adam Mettingson. Almost all of us have side projects. Thats why i'm here:

Damian Gould - Caksetfase Guitarist and SoulerEclipse Guitarist
Jamie Flynn - Casketfase Guitarist and Singer and SoulerEclipse Singer/Guitarist
Jony MAbbitt- Casketfase Guitar and Singer and Demonunit Guitarist
Shane Perry - Casketfase Drummer and Singer and Demonunit Drummer
Joey Crossley - Casketfase Bassist and Koother BAssist
Adam Mettingson - Casketfase Occasional Drummer and Saturncrow 9Soon to NG) Pianist

Koother Song
Closest Furthest
Demonunit Song
Never Feel Pain Again


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